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WPFH launches Celebrity Poker tournaments

By PennyChats

World Poker Fund Poker Tournaments

$WPFH is a newly listed stock and has just launched it's website to attract some of the biggest poker players across the nation. Using their celebrity relationships, World Poker Fund Holdings, plans to roll out several series of poker tournaments across mobile gaming platforms and reality tv. Latest Quarterly Filling 10Q

Revenue Potential:

Four Divisions (Sponsorship Tournaments, Media Entertainment, Online Poker and Interactive Gaming, and Casino Development and Operations

  • Sponsorship Tournaments- Player's contracts consist of a $2,500, approved buy-ins and tournament fees, all-expense-paid travel and accommodations for out of town tournaments, 50% of winnings and a chance to star in reality show.
  • Poker Entertainment- Poker Boss, Urban Poker, America Loves Poker, Poker Afterhours, all distributed through
  • Revenue is generated by receiving 50% of winnings from sponsored players. 
  • WPFH will sell memberships in which only subscribed members will be able to compete.

Insider Holdings:

  • Floyd Mayweather 3,000,000 shares 10% owner
  • Kyle Massey 3,000,000 shares 10% owner
  • Justin Bieber 3,000,000 shares 10% owner
  • Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson (Tyga) 3,000,000 shares 10% owner
  • DeAndre Cortez Way (Soulja Boy) ... Login To Read More
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