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Swing trading vs day trading

By PennyChats

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Just about everyone love's fast money. Although we can bring you the quick exponential gains you are looking for, we prefer the swing trade style. Alerting stocks in the penny market, to bring in hundreds of buys within an hour, only leads to the stock price falling significantly. PennyChats wants to be around for a while, so we are taking it easy: we want our members trading not gambling; we want to see everyone making money.

Finding good stocks with a catalyst to trade on can bring everyone positive gains. Our member base is strong and we want to retain our members. Once you log in to our site, you will find a weekly watch, with our weekly watch list you can hunt through stocks with momentum and find a good entry to make 50-percent and beyond in a matter of a few days to weeks. Slow money is for sure money- that's an old saying and we like to play this style. Every now and then we will have an alert that may go up a few... Login To Read More

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