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Penny Stock Alerts of 2014

By PennyChats

Detailed review on our alerts of 2014


All stocks were called before significant increase and proof can be found across social media and our website. Although descriptions are vague, we would not advise trading on these catalysts alone. A great deal of research and chart-analysis preceded these trades. Majority of stocks we actually traded at the time and some have proof on our instagram. There are proof pictures on our instagram that are not listed here as an alert. Pictures will prove we have made 1000's of dollars up to $7,500 on just one penny stock, in just one day before PennyChats was thought of. We know it's possible and that's why PennyChats was created. After creating our website, stocks were only called at our website and not across social media. 



Cannabis sector still had momentum, this stock had an early morning gap up, called it at .64 and reached .81 shortly after for day's high. 

NEWL (NASDAQ) - 1000%

After a stock split and an immediate tank from $1.30 to about 0.37 cents, we were still holding shares and able to load up even more for the run to $5.00 over the next 5 days. Altogether $5,000 was made on this trade (proof on instagram)


There was little attention and momentum on this stock at the time mentioned but enough shares were traded that caught our attention. Immediately called it to our small chat at the time and on twitter. A few weeks later with news it went soaring from $1.32 to over $2.00. 


Under a promotion at the time, we caught some of KIRI and it climbed for a couple days for a high of $1.83. It was called in our chat and on twitter. 

IGC (NYSE) 60%

Released news and had some hype going for it, so we played it, shares traded higher for a few days. Reached a new 52-wk high $1.34


This was extremely fun playing. They released some convincing news and immediately we called it and traded it. Had a HOD of .0085 Made some very nice money on this one (proof on instagram)


News and momentum and had been moving pre-market, shares reached $3.70 cents the same day. Called in our chat and twitter.


News and the company had a yahoo campaign running (rumored) that showed a promotional ad. Shares hit a high of $5.03


After the NEWL jackpot, I was scouting for another one and I found it. I called this stock on twitter a few weeks early, I even mentioned it as the next "NEWL" meaning to run big from pennies. We continued to watch EVRY and within a little over a week, June 7th,  n one day it went from $1.13 - $2.44. $2,000+ was made on this trade (proof on instagram).


This one for me was a personal nightmare, I lost big here way too big, over $4,000 being greedy. I was up over $500 but at that time, I was too into the trade, thinking it would go big. Back to the story, SPEX released some patent news that would help the industry and people who own patents, so we rode that momentum. Me losing had nothing to do with the great alert. The stock ran for two days and I knew it would so I held over night. It reached a high of $4.15 cents. I still held another day and the stock opened up just over $2.00. I almost had a heart attack. I lost many times before in the market, but this one was different. The worst thing in the world that can happen to a trader, is wake up and the stock is down pre-market with no way of you to protect your gains. Stop-losses do not work over night. The most valuable lesson i ever learned and I would pass it on to anyone else. Be-careful holding any stock overnight, hence this trades on the NASDAQ. Some of my biggest losses are stocks trading over $2.00, I rarely lose on a true penny stock. Anyway, thought we can use a quick lesson but this stock was rocking for two days providing very liquid trading and scalping opportunities. 


Pre-market mover, do not remember this trade too much or if there is proof of us trading on instagram, but for sure called it on twitter and group chat. 


Watched this one for two-three weeks, a lot of catalysts led up to the move with great developments released by the company. The market had not caught on until much later for whatever reason. The stock rocketed to $2.94. I held overnight and was up over $1,000 pre-market on this stock and for some reason did not take profits, assumed it would go much higher, another loss on another NASDAQ. I tend to remember stocks I lost on very well versus other trades, even if I made money.


Watched this one for two weeks before it's move. A few members bought and held this stock and was able to make money. This one required patience. The market was not responding to news the same anymore, could have been timing; however, I was soon to find out why. The summer was coming and the market was turning sour. Called on June 2, and took 7 days to move, but by June 10 it tested highs of $2.62.


small promotion spotted, very little shares were being traded but caught our attention, it was relative to the marijuana sector and suspected some catalyst was coming that had this stock moving. Personally made over $500 on this (proof on instagram) and a few other members banked. This was a slow & steady runner. It went up over the course of 3 days. We e-mailed this one as well.


I traded this way quicker than the 300% it ran, but none-the-less the alert was made and it was a no-brainer. Alerted ahead of the crowd in our small chat and on twitter, at the time there news release spoke for itself. The stock ran for weeks and months, slow and steady.


A slow trade. Never panned out correctly, the stock went up but did not do what was expected. Come to find out the company was facing severe financial issues, luckily everyone was still able to bank before the company went bankrupt. The stock moved for a few days on high volume, but seemed stuck and never able to break the $2.00 mark; shortly after we let it go.


Pre-market and news, this stock was volatile around this time, so it was a no-brainer that it would move. GIGA Hit a high of $4.78 from our $3.30 call the same day. 


One of our favorites at the time. ELRA had just did a stock split and the message boards and social media was completely quiet about it at the time. PennyChats spread awareness (not compensated) on the stock across boards and to our members a week ahead of the gigantic move. Any and everyone could have gotten some. We knew it would move... Login To Read More

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