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Day-trading in the Wild Wild West

By PennyChats

A day-trader's world is like the wild wild west. 

Being an investor is not so bad after all. You have to endure sleepless nights and long hours of analysis and clock watching when you're a day-trader. Day-traders have symptoms of anxiety, depression, insomnia and withdrawal. Day-traders react off of emotion, they get very excited and cheer when they make money and when they lose-they're aggravated. Their frustration can be taken out on others around them or they attack other traders in chatrooms, message boards and social media. 

An investor stays calm: some may even be considered as "drinking the kool-aid," however they are able to go on with their life, not depending on making hundreds of dollars everyday. Investors understand the key to patience and risk verse reward. Investing is not for everyone.

Day-trader's make a lot of money but they also lose the most. When suffering from daytripium you continuously trade with your money and when... Login To Read More

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