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Cisco and Cyrcadia iTBra detects breast cancer

By PennyChats

Lifeline Biotechnologies Inc $LLBO

Cyrcadia Health, formerly known as First Warning Systems has developed a "smart bra" and it's just about ready to hit markets. According to the Cyrcadia health website, the itBra is similar to a sports bra for female athletes and it has thousands of embedded sensors to check the heat of breast tissue and compare with data about the correct temperature for healthy cells. This process can detect cancer years before it would be large enough for mammogram or self-exam to spot. A doctor will be able to monitor results within twenty-four hours from a mobile device. CISCO is partnering with Cyrcadia on this revolutionary technology. This Forbes article explains how Internet of Things is changing healthcare.



In a recent article released by Cisco, Blair Christie stated, "Cisco’s role in this exciting evolution is significant. We will build the foundation that connects all of this technology, ensure your data remains secure, develop communication and collaboration tools that will enable healthcare providers to derive insights from your real-time data, and partner with entrepreneurs to bring innovative ideas to life."

Lifeline formed an affiliate, First Warning Systems, Inc. (now Cyrcadia Health) in 2008 to obtain a better valuation of the technology and reduce the cost of capital and dilution. A license, in exchange for shares and a revenue royalty of FWS, was entered into conveying rights for further development of the technology and the worldwide marketing rights. 

Trials are expected to start at El Camino Hospital (ECH) in Mountain View, CA, further details are in their recent Q1 2015 update. "The trials are expected... Login To Read More

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