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$25,000 profits in penny stocks

By PennyChats

make money investing

PennyChats should be used as a means to an end. If you choose, you may use penny stocks as leverage to gain more money in the markets and then diversify your portfolio. Penny stocks are stocks trading below $5.00

OTC has negative connotations associated with it, but in fact, OTC may be used to make good money to further trade big board stocks on NASDAQ,AMEX, and NYSE. Of course you may lose all of your money if you do not know what you are doing. 

The snapshots below are not solicitations to buy, only used as an example of profit-making in penny stocks. Most of the stocks below are not currently trading opportunities. All pictures can be found on instagram @pennychats


During the marijuana boom in penny stocks from Jan-March 2014, double the amount shown here was made, but found no reason to display gains because the marijuana boom was a very lucrative opportunity for everyone and anyone could have made money during that time. PennyChats mission is to show people that anyone can make money if you do know what you are dong and it does not have to be "luck."

Some stocks continued to rise, even after snapshots of gains.

These trades were done prior to the website launched in August 2014. At this time PennyChats was just a small group of 7 people operating from a groupme chat. As of 4Q 2014, all time is fully devoted to helping members and building the website. 










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