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Never invest what you cannot afford to lose. is a channel for investors,traders, and virtually anyone online to communicate and exchange information and opinions on stocks and the education of trading and investing stocks. takes no responsibility for the validation of information that is exchanged on may send out alerts, news, and stock picks that you should do your own research on before investing or taking initiative to trade these stocks. in no way guarantees truthfulness and credibility to the information released through our website; most information is found publicly online, or given by other users and persons, which cannot for certain guarantee any to be factual. may disseminate information on micro- macro stocks, through research, we holding the companies we alert to be profitable in the immediate or near future, based on SEC Filings, News, and forward looking Statements. are not brokers, financial advisors, market makers, or stock advisors, we highly suggest you seek professional advice and use your own judgement when investing your money. will not be held responsible for any losses, nor gains made from our stock picks. members, affiliates, and owners, may hold small to large positions in stocks that we alert and/or promote and reserve the right to sell at any given time without notice, even before target price stated in alerts. It is solely dependent on you to be responsible to have education, knowledge of how to trade,  and when to enter and exit a position. We give no trading advice, on when to buy and sell. stock alerts and stock picks, are not solicitations for subscribers or viewers to buy/invest in any company and/or purpose is to spread awareness to stocks/companies, that may have a great potential upside. It is up to you as an individual/investor/trader to decide from your own research and information available to you , on whether you want to hold a position in stocks alerts.
 We encourage you to visit the Securities Exchanges Commission Web site and read about how to avoid Internet Scams and other valuable information. 


In order to be in full compliance with the Securities Act of 1933, Section 17(b), and its management will fully disclose that they receive fees from profiled companies or agents representing the profiled companies. These fees may be paid in cash, shares of profiled companies, or both, and will be completely disclosed in each profile. Since may receive compensation and its members, affiliates, or members of their families will hold stock in the profiled companies, there is an inherent conflict of interest in the statements and opinions, and such statements and opinions are not independent. We will state when we are paid for a stock promotion in the email of the alert. 

Paid promotions work just as any other stock alert, drawing attention to the company, which consequently will affect the volume and price per share of the stock. Experienced traders and investors are known to get in first on these promotions. Stock promotions are typically known as high risk/high reward opportunities, so please trade at your own risk.